About The Clawz

“The CLAWZ” has the ability to turn heads like no other haircutting tools in the industry.

The reason is the abstract, artistic design and the usefulness of The Clawz in modern hair styling. This exciting hair tool allows the stylist to work directly with their fingers molding and layering the hair with a non-structured “magical touch” giving amazing results.

What is the Clawz Cut?

In order to understand the Clawz you must understand the science of its personality, so when you place the Clawz on your fingertips you feel a harmony and a relationship. So let us for a moment take a tour of our profession, from the days of the invention of the scissors.
It must have been hard at first. It took centuries to really master them, and it’s still hard to keep up with the fast moving fashion trends. To facilitate our needs many other tools have surfaced, and with them, together we have managed our technical needs. Because of a strange twist society has thrown a monkey wrench in our lap. Scissors alone have their limitations. This was the reason that led to the invention of the Clawz, allowing the stylist to adopt the strokes of the Clawz, to create the opposite of what once was perfect structure of design. There is no other tool that can master this need of performance, so thanks to the innovative vision of the Grand Master of the Clawz, Valentino, together, scissors and The Clawz work in perfect harmony to create the ultimate in modern hair fashion.
Clawz maximize the potential and appeal of any design, where texture takes top billing. But since no two textures are alike, the interpretation of a look can reflect the individuality of the wearer while, at the same time, give the stylist an open door to his or her own creative talents. It is important to remember that texture is the road map to the cut. The cut must establish the silhouette but be subtly contained within the texture of the hair.
Clawz guidance is a must to achieve the perfect texture to suit the hair’s silhouette-frizz control or suppressing too much curl and generally demanding obedience from stubborn locks, demands the expertise of a hair care authority. As an integral component of handling the textured look, whatever the length or silhouette, the importance of the proper product mix to be used pre-styling, always individually formulated to compliment the texture and the style being handled. Periodic salon treatment should be considered an essential upkeep to maintain the desired texture for the client’s desired style. A mix of textures serves as the pattern to create a unique silhouette whether hair is long, medium or short, blunt cut, layered or razored into shape. This is couture hair styling.

Let’s take a look at the technique at it’s best.
It starts by preparing the hair.

  • Hair must be clean and wet.
  • Prepare the basic design with conventional tools
  • Choose length and trim the ends off.
  • If bangs are needed select length
  • Cut off excessive ends.
  • The basic form of the balance design should now be complete, so you can now apply that special “Clawz Magic” that will set you apart and deliver amazing results.
  • At this point the stylist must determine what is needed for the final phase (1) weight distribution, (2) texture volumizer and flow direction.

All of the above are what The Clawz are about. Because of its curvature of design the new invention were born, making The Clawz the only tool that can perform ”The Inner Cut” by Valentino, never known before the introduction of The Clawz.
“The Inner Cut” innovated by Valentino can only be achieved properly with The Clawz techniques. The invisible magic that will cut the hair from the inside out has developed this revolutionary concept giving designs more air flow through the invisible tunnels of inner texture, fluffing the hair upward to maximize volume.
Clients are amazed by the feeling experienced when they run their fingers through their hair! They truly experience “THE WOW FACTOR” !!!

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For personal tuition from Valentino Lo Sauro, The Grand Master of Clawz