Create Excitement in Your Salon with the Clawz

Become a Clawzmetologist!!, Valentino is revolutionizing the cosmetology industry!

What is the Clawz?

The CLAWZ Hair Design System is the Ultimate New Haircutting Tool of the century NOW AVAILABLE to professional cosmetologists.

“The future is here” says Valentino. “Nothing compares to this revolutionary new way. It’s easy to learn, so expand your horizons, start new designs, use your creative skills and impress your clients. Use The Clawz to work with your hair scissors to create fantastic styles in a way you never thought possible, and in half the time.

“The CLAWZ” has the ability to turn heads like no other haircutting tools in the industry.

The reason is the abstract, artistic design and the usefulness of The Clawz in modern hair styling. This exciting hair tool allows the stylist to work directly with their fingers molding and layering the hair with a non-structured “magical touch” giving amazing results.

In order to understand the Clawz you must understand the science of its personality, so when you place the Clawz on your fingertips you feel a harmony and a relationship. So let us for a moment take a tour of our profession, from the days of the invention of the scissors.

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The CLAWZ System consists of four CLAWZ with blades, finger straps and instruction booklet.

Blades last approximately 15 haircuts.

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Clawz cut
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